Boss RC-2 Looper : Review


Much rich in functions

The classic features of a looper more some other important things, notwithstanding the rather compact size, like a useful jam-along rhythm guide, the Auto Start, the Quantize and the Overdubbing. It can record and store up to 16 minutes of audio, in Mono, from the guitar, another instrument or, thanks to the Aux In, from an external source, such as an MP3 player, for example. It is very easy to use, thanks to a very clean user interface, without hidden menus, and with everything immediatly accessible.


All the necessary is immediately accessible and very clear. The creation of the loop is easy and fast.

  • Level (Phrase/Guide)
  • This 2-position knob is the volume both for the phrase and the built-in guide, a rhythmic accompaniment that can be used during recording, playback and Overdubbing. The RC-2 provides some patterns that cover many musical styles. Pressing on the knob the pedal selects one of the two controls.

  • Select
  • Simply, it allows the selection of the phrase both for playback and saving.

  • Tap Tempo (Select/Enter)
  • It is multi-functional. It can be used to set the tempo, to change the parameters value and to work on data (deleting and writing). It works in conjunction with the Mode knob. In the manual there is the complete explanation on how to set Mode to enable the various functions of this button.

  • Mode
  • It selects the various operational modalities of the pedal.


This is a very useful function. After you set a measure unit for the tempo, the RC-2 will automatically adjust the length of the phrase, so to make it appropriate for a perfect loop. Be careful. If you want enable the Quantize YOU HAVE to set the tempo before recording. If you don't set it, this function will not work.

Aux In

It allows the recording of an external audio source. If your external source is a CD, connect the headphone jack of the CD to this input. Factory settings compensate the input, so to sound appropriate when played through a guitar amplifier. In the manual you can see how to change this setting.

Stop/Tempo jack

An optional footswitch (FS-5U or FS-6) can be connected to the RC-2, so to enable various functions, such as the stop, the tempo setting or to switch between phrases.


A complete machine. It provides all the typical functions of these devices more some interesting features, such as the Rhythm Guide with many patterns for various musical styles. Very useful and amusing. The Loop Quantize is always an appreciable function. My opinion is that this is a good product of Boss. The price is excellent.

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