Boss RC-505 Looper : Review


All under the hands

The front panel features some knobs and buttons for the real-time control. On the left side we can see the controls for inputs and outputs levels, mic and instruments for the inputs, and the great knob for the tweak of the parameters of the global effects. The right side is destined to the memory locations management and to the tracks effects.
On the centre we can see 4 backlit buttons: start and stop, global, and for each track, UNDO/REDO function and Tap Tempo.

Front panel

The display is too small

A weak point is, certainly, the display. Too much small. The menĂ¹ navigation is difficult and uncomfortable. For a device that must control 5 tracks in real-time this is a limit.

5 tracks

All are equipped with indipendent controls, including a dedicated fader for the volume and an edit button.

Independent playback and tempo sync

An important feature of the RC-505 is that the single track can use an independent playback mode and dedicated tempo sync. The total flexibility is guaranteed.

Independent controls


The user can apply effects on the entire loop or on the single tracks, and with the help of the 2 great knobs, INPUT FX and TRACK FX, some parameters can be modified.

99 memory locations and 85 rhythm patterns

It doesn't feature a slot for an additional external card, but all the loops are recorded in WAV format and can be stored on a PC via the USB connection. However, the internal memory is sufficiently capacious and can store up to 99 different loops, with separated tracks, effects and general settings. In addition it features a drum machine with 85 ready-to-use rhythm patterns.

Inputs and outputs

The connections section is complete and provides the phantom power for the mic (XLR), the MIDI (IN, OUT), the jack for an external pedal, an Aux In, 2 for the instruments, 2 outputs, the phone out and the USB port.

Inputs, outputs, MIDI and USB


The RC-505 has been designed for electronic music, rather than for the guitar, but it can be an excellent device also for guitarists. The 5 tracks are the added value of this Boss product. The display, too much small, is the limit. The price perhaps is a bit excessive, but it is a great product.

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