Boss BF-3 Effects Pedal : Review


At the beginning it can be complex

Perhaps for someone this pedal can be difficult to use at the beginning, but after a brief apprenticeship everything will be clear and fast. The necessary for a deep adjusting of the sound is present and immediately available.


It matches the BF-3 with your rig. This is an important control that can make the difference, so use it with parsimony, and listen the differences. Generally you can set it at a value and then you can forget it. But it depends on. You have to experience.


The operating frequency. In my opinion this is the less effective control. It is not so useful. But it's my opinion. Perhaps, in your rig, things can be different.



It is very useful and can vary much the sound. Set it faster to obtain a Tremolo effect.


  • Standard
  • The normal Mode

  • Ultra
  • In my opinion, it creates a bit too much fuzzy sound.

  • Pan/Gate
  • This is a great feature. It creates a Stereo Flanger of great effect. If you get two amps, thanks to the two Outputs, the BF-3 can move the sound between them. The effect is great! Really panoramic.

How it works

It is much versatile. You can use it in different situations, like clean tones, in a Metal or Rock context or if you want a screaming lead. At the beginning, it can be quite daunting, if you are not expert with its types of controls. But i can assure you that, after a bit of time, you will be able to tweak the sound in two seconds. The tone will become smooth and you will understand that it can deliver a wide variety of sounds. It works well. This is sure. But you have to learn how to use it. You have to understand it. Another thing that you have to consider is that it boosts the overall volume, and there is no way to control it. This is a problem. Perhaps the only thing i didn't like. But we know, the perfect device doesn't exist.

Final comment

I love the BF-3. It is an high quality flanger, and cannot disappoint. If you know what to make with its 5 controls, it will satisfy you. It is much flexible and you will be able to use it in many different contexts.

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