Boss SD-1 Effects Pedal : Review


Transparent and effective

It was thought to replicate the Overdrive of a tube amplifier. An important characteristic is that it is very touch-sensitive and this can create some problem at the beginning. It delivers a very flexible effect and is much transparent. It doesn't alter the original tone of the guitar, and this is an important added value.



Obviously, the volume.


The equalization. At the minimum value the SD-1 will produce a warm Overdrive. At the maximum it will create a sound with a large quantity of high frequencies.


Amount, harmonics and sustain.


Zakk Wylde

Level: 14:00

Tone: 10:00

Gain: 14:00

Metal (1)

Level: 15:00

Tone: 9:00

Gain: 7:00

Metal (2)

Level: Maximum

Tone: 10:00

Gain: 8:00

Eddie van Halen

Level: 12:00

Tone: 9:00

Gain: Maximum


Level: 10:00

Tone: 10:00

Gain: 15:00


At the maximum value of the Overdrive control it delivers a rather valid distortion, extremely hard, but the distortion is not its context in itself. My opinion is that the natural aptitude is to boost something else, like, for example, another pedal or a solid state amp. In this situation it makes really a good job. Probably, using it, you will notice that it cuts low frequencies, while it boosts middle, especially if you increases the value of the Tone knob. But this doesn't mean that the sound cannot be warm.

General opinion

The SD-1 is much valid and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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