Boss OS-2 Effects Pedal : Review


Old, but interesting

Today we will see a pedal that has been designed to provide both Overdrive and Distortion in a single device. But not only. It is equipped with a patented Boss technology, called "Asymmetrical Circuitry" that creates a sound much similar to that of a tube amp. We will see if this technology gets the desired result. Well. Now let's analyze the controls and their main features.


The general volume, and not just of the effect, like in many similar devices. This means that when this knob is turned completely counterclockwise the pedal will be silent.


The equalization. By increasing the value, so turning the knob clockwise, the OS-2 becomes sharper, as there is an emphasis of the treble. On the contrary it is softer and more sweet, as the highest frequencies are cutted.


It adjusts the level of the effect. This knob works in conjunction with Color, so a short period and a bit of experimentation are necessary to understand how to use it. I have to say that this isn't an easy operation. Some small variations can make a great difference.


As you can see in the image this control has two values at the two extremes: OD (Overdrive) and DS (Distortion). We have said at the beginning of the review that the OS-2 can produce both or a mix between the two. The use of this knob together with Drive creates a wide range of possible sounds, so, certainly, we can consider this pedal really flexible. Anyhow, at the beginning it is rather difficult to use, as the final result depends on too many factors.


The image below shows the possible connections. This Zoom device is very simple. It features an input for the guitar and an output for an amp. It isn't equipped with a speaker emulator, like the most modern products, so, if you want to send the signal in a mixer, or directly in a recorder, you have to use a Direct In box.

One input for the guitar, one output for the amp, and the jack for the power supply


First of all, we have to say that this is a very cheap product. Considering this, it is much valid and the Color knob makes it really flexible. The mix between the overdrive and the distortion, and the relationship with the Drive, can create some very surprising results, even if the use, at the beginning, is rather difficult. The OS-2 has made me a good impression. It is, in my opinion, a good product, much versatile and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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