Boss OD-2 Effects Pedal : Review


The natural substitute

Boss started the production of this pedal in 1985, with the aim of replacing the OD-1, already rather famous among guitarists, with a more flexible product. The production was discontinued in 1994, but the new version, the OD-2R, continued for other 4 years. At the beginning the manufacturing was Japanese, but in 1988 it moved to Taiwan. It provides a knob for the tone, differently from the predecessor, too much brilliant sometimes, and also a Turbo ON/OFF switch. The main goal of this switch is to create two different distortions. The first is similar to that of the previous model, much mild, while the second provides more Overdrive and an additional gain, with a very natural feedback.

More complete

As we have said, it offers more possibilities, as regards the adjusting of the sound, if we compare it to the first version. The natural consequence of this characteristic is a greater flexibility of the previous model.

  • Level
  • The volume. Fundamentally, it minimizes the difference between the original signal and the effect.

  • Tone
  • It is, fundamentally, the equalization. It adjusts the higher frequencies, so, at the minimum it makes the tone darker, at the maximum it becomes more brilliant and open.

  • Overdrive
  • The level of the distortion.

Turbo ON/OFF

As we have said at the beginning of this review, this selector is the most important innovation of the OD-2. It provides two different options. When it is OFF it produces a mild and sweet Overdrive, similar to that of the previous version. On the contrary, when it is ON it generates a very powerful signal, with much gain and a pleasant natural feedback. But i have to say that this second option isn't extraordinary. Perhaps is only a personal impression, but the sensation is that when this selector is active the pedal is too much artificial, without an identity. The signal is very powerful, yes, but the final result is disappointing, at least as regards my personal taste.

General opinion

It works well. I cannot say that it is transparent. It colours very much the tone of the guitar, but it turns out rather flexible. It produces a good sound that can go from a slight crunch to a distortion that is perfect for the classic Rock. If you can buy the OD-2, obviously used, it can be very useful in many contexts to create a natural and pleasant distortion.

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