Boss ML-2 Metal Core Effects Pedal : Review

ML-2 Metal Core

Violent and aggressive

It has been designed to produce an extremely powerful signal, particularly suitable to some extreme genres, as Industrial, Grind Core, Nu Metal, Hard Core and so on. The two main characteristics are the sharp attack, much harsh, and the lows emphasis. It is a good solution, perhaps more for a newbie than for an expert guitarist, for the rhythmic riffs, above all. During this review we will see that this Boss pedal makes a good job, as regards the signal, certainly aggressive and violent, but with some problems.

All depends from the equalization

As we will see, the two knobs for the equalization are the heart of this device. A large part of the final result depends on these two controls.

  • Level
  • It adjusts the effect volume. As regards the original signal it must be modified on the guitar, so we can consider this knob a sort of control for the mix between the two sounds.

  • Low
  • Obviously, it adds, or cuts, low frequencies, but not only. It recreates the atmosphere of a 7-string guitar, or of a tuning in Drop. It is much efficient.

  • High
  • Turning this knob clockwise, so increasing the quantity of the higher frequencies, emphasizes the attack, that becomes more sharp and harsh.

  • Dist
  • Simply, it adjusts the amount of distortion.


In the manual there are some examples for the regulations. They are much instructive and interesting, but, obviously, the final effect depends on too many factors, so we can consider them just some examples or, if we want, a good starting point.

  • Heavy solid riff
  • Heavy solid riff
  • Extreme downtuning
  • Extreme downtuning
  • Blast beat Metal
  • Blast beat Metal
  • Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg


Simply, it makes an extraordinary noise, this is the natural context of this pedal. In my opinion it can be a good choice only for what ends with Core. Nothing more. For Metal i prefer, certainly, the MT-2. For other genres the ML-2 is completely unusable. Moreover, in some situations, it is too much metallic, cold and without a soul. As regards the price, about 100 euros, it can be good, if you are looking for a product with these characteristics.

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