Boss DS-2 Effects Pedal : Review


Much flexible

It works well especially for Hard Rock leads, or also Blues, with an excellent dynamics. However, with the 4 controls you can find the best sound for your guitar, with a good flexibility and easiness of use. It has a bit of background noise when you're not playing, but this is normal. Nothing particularly annoying. Turbo Mode 1 is similar to the DS-1, therefore, personal opinion, the 2 is preferable.

Two versions

The Japanese version is much better than the Taiwanese. It's more quiet and doesn't color the tone of the pickups. Substantially it is more transparent.

Two modes (Turbo Mode)

  • 1
  • Like i said at the beginning of the review, it is much similar to the DS-1, but slightly smoother and fatter, like if there is the addition of a Tube Screamer.

  • 2
  • It boosts volume and mids, and generates a natural and pleasant effect.

  • The built-in remote jack
  • It permits the connection of an external footswitch for the alternation between the two modalities.


Let's see some examples included in the manual.

  • Distortion
  • It is suitable to many different contexts. Universal.

  • Light
  • With this setting and a low guitar volume the DS-2 produces a light distortion with a slight Crunch.

  • Sticky
  • It increases the quantity of mids and turns out suitable to lead guitar.

  • Overdrive
  • As you can see in the image it cuts higher frequencies and produces a rather warm Overdrive.


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