Boss DD-500 Effects Pedal : Review


A new thing

In the Boss words this device is the most advanced Delay ever created by the Japanese company. It works with a new technology for the effects creation, the audio quality is increased, compared with the previous pedals, and, in addition, it features the MIDI connection, a good display, many ready-to-use patches that can be easily edited, the USB and an internal looper. Let's see the main characteristics of this product.

Available options

All the Delay types

Well. Now we can see the various available delays.

  • Standard
  • The basic version.

  • Analog
  • The emulation of the DM series.

  • Tape
  • Very warm. Similar to the effect produced by the Maestro Echoplex or by the Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

  • Vintage Digital
  • It emulates the typical sound of the '80s. For instance, the Roland SDE series (2000 and 3000), or the Boss DD-2.

  • Dual
  • Two different lines. They can be connected in series or parallel.

  • Pattern
  • 16 different lines that can be set independently.

  • Reverse
  • A classic to create a rather psychedelic sound.

  • SFX
  • It provides a particular effect.

  • Shimmer
  • The repetitions are created shifting the original pitch.

  • Filter
  • It is limited by a wide filter.

  • Slow Attack
  • The name explains everything.

  • Tera Echo
  • It is derived from the BOSS TE-2 pedal.

For the adjusting

Knobs, buttons and display

As we can see in the image above, the DD-500 features the classic controls for the Delay with, in addition, four buttons for the editing and the storing of the patches. Let's see all the available controls.

  • Time/value
  • Obviously, the overall time of the Delay.

  • Feedback
  • The repetitions number.

  • E. Level
  • The volume.

  • Tone
  • The equalization. It works on the higher frequencies. In the center position the frequency response is flat.

  • Mod Depth
  • The modulation depth of the effect.

General characteristics

Let's see the main characteristics of the DD-500.

  • 32-bit/96 kHz.
  • 12 different Delay modes.
  • Designed for an extended real-time control (with the built-in switches or an external pedal).
  • LCD display (128 x 62 dots).
  • A large number of editable patches.
  • Looper, MIDI and USB.
  • Two bypass types (True and Buffered).
  • It works with four AA batteries or with an AC adapter (not included in the box).

Other features


Rec/dub, Play and Stop

The three switches on the front panel can be used for many different operations, like, for example, the selection of the patches banks. Tap/Ctl is a multi-purpose control. The user can set up a favourite function in the menĂ¹.

Rear panel

All the available connections

Two inputs and two outputs, 1/4", a jack for an external pedal, the MIDI (IN/OUT), the USB port and the jack for the AC Adapter.

Expensive, but an excellent device

Well, if you are looking for a cheap Delay, this isn't the product for you. The Boss DD-500 price, about 350 euros, is important, perhaps too much, but this device guarantees a great signal quality, and all the necessary for a very good result.

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