Boss DD-3 Effects Pedal : Review



A simple pedal to use, but all the necessary is available. Notwithstanding few knobs for the regulations it can be useful in many different situations, and the result will always be of good quality.

  • Level
  • The volume of the effect. When this knob is completely at the minimum, so the value is zero, the DD-3 produces only the direct sound.

  • Feedback
  • It is useful to set the number of the repetitions. Set it to zero to obtain a single Delay.

  • Delay Time
  • It works in conjunction with the Mode selector. So the value range depends on the type that has been selected.


The DD-3 offers 3 different Delays, with an adjustable value of the repetitions time, and an additional type, called Hold, that can be executed in the infinitive with the use of the pedal.

  • S(Short)
  • 12.5 to 50ms.

  • M(Middle)
  • 50 to 200ms.

  • L(Long)
  • 200 to 800ms.

  • Hold
  • 200 to 800ms.

Final opinion

Much clean, and the bypass is effective and transparent. If you are looking for a device for the Delay that doesn't colour the tone of your guitar, like can happen with an analog product, the DD-3 is perfect. The dedicated output for the direct signal, for a mixer or a recorder, is an important added value that expands the versatility of this Boss product. The price is certainly valid and, in addition, it can be found used at a really low cost.

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