Boss DD-20 Effects Pedal : Review


All the necessary is available

A complete machine. Flexibility and quality are remarkable. The front panel is really complete. Let's see all the available options.

Control panel
  • E. Level
  • It modifies the effect volume.

  • Feedback
  • It adjusts the number of the repeats.

  • Tone
  • Substantially, the equalizer. It modifies the highest frequencies.


The DD-20 provides eleven ready-to-use Delays that can be choosen with this knob. Let's see the list of the possible options.

  • SOS
  • It continuously repeat a previous recording with a maximum length of 23 seconds. If you want you can use the Overdub function, so to add new material to the recording.

  • Twist
  • Aggressive. Particularly suitable to the distortion.

  • Warp
  • It simultaneously acts on the Feedback and on the effect volume. It is much particular. A bit confused, perhaps, but in some circumstances it can be useful.

  • Tape
  • It emulates the Roland RE-201.

  • Analog
  • The emulation of the Boss DM-2.

  • Standard
  • For a general purpose.

  • Dual
  • 2 Delays, one short and one long, are connected in series.

  • Pan
  • It moves left and right.

  • Smooth
  • It creates a reverb.

  • Modulate
  • It adds a wave to the sound and creates a warm delay.

  • Reverse
  • A classic, but little usable.

D. Time

The duration of the effect. There are two modalities. Pushing on the knob activates some advanced functions, while turning it simply modifies the value of the parameter.

Memory Section

The DD-20 provides the possibility of storing the Delays created by the user.

  • Memory Number Indicators
  • The active selection.

  • Select
  • Here you can choose the patches.

  • Write
  • The button to store your patches.

Sample Settings

In the manual there are some sample settings. Let's see them.

  • Dual
  • Dual
  • Modulate Doubling
  • Modulate Doubling
  • Modulate
  • Modulate
  • Reverse
  • Reverse
  • Roland RE-201 Echo
  • Roland RE-201
  • Room Ambience
  • Room Ambience
  • Slap Back Echo
  • Slap Back Echo
  • Smooth
  • Smooth
  • Twist
  • Twist

Rear panel

Very complete. Two inputs, to connect a guitar or an effects processor. Two outputs. It can be connected to a guitar amp, a mixer, a recorder. One output for the headphones, one input for an additional control pedal and the AC adaptor jack. The AC adaptor, PSA, is sold separately.

Final opinion

The DD-20 is an excellent product. The quality of the sound is really remarkable. All the necessary for a good job is present. The manual is much complete and explains all the functions of the pedal. As regards the price, my personal opinion is that it is valid, but, above all, used can be really a bargain.

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