Boss CS-3 Effects Pedal : Review


Simple and versatile

It is suitable to both guitar and bass. If you have a good knowledge of the compression, this pedal can be really much efficient. Another important added value is the quality-price ratio, as regards my personal opinion, obviously.

For the adjusting

Now we will see a fast description of the available controls, and also some images that will explain how to work to get a good result.


The volume of the effect. Substantially, it adjusts the mix between the pedal and the original signal. This last must be adjusted directly on the guitar.


The equalization. It works on the higher frequencies.


With this knob the user can adjust the intensity of the attack, according to the sound he is realizing.


The heart of the CS-3, obviously. It increases the sustain, but without producing a distortion. Let's explain a thing, to understand better. The main function of a device of this type is the compression of the louder signal, and the boost of the lower frequencies. This means that it can work as a compressor or as a limiter. The manual explains how to produce a different effect according to the selected values, as we can see in the images below.

CompressionWith this value it works as a compressor.
LimiterNow it acts as a limiter.

Sample settings

Let's see three examples from the manual. They can be considered a base, or if we want an excercise, in order to understand how to get a good result with the CS-3.

  • Mellow
  • This setting is suitable to solos in a sweet-sounding context, and can be coupled with a chorus for a major depth.

  • Accompaniment (chords)
  • With these values it produces a good balance of the volume of each string and, therefore, a good solution for an accompaniment with chords.

  • Rich
  • A setting for a rich and thick sound.



Certainly, the quality electronics makes this pedal a very good product. It cannot disappoint. The CS-3 price, about 75 euros, is excellent. My personal opinion is that this Boss device is worth more than how much it costs.

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