Boss CH-1 Effects Pedal : Review


Simple but efficient

The general impression is that it is particularly suitable to the acoustic guitar, but this is a personal opinion. Anyhow, an interesting product with a good quality/price ratio.


E. Level

It adjusts the mix between the pedal and the direct signal of the instrument, a guitar or a keyboard. Substantially, turning it clockwise, it increases the volume of the effect in the overall sound.


Obviously, the equalization. By turning clockwise this knob the CH-1 boosts treble, while counterclockwise it cuts them and produces a warmer chorus.


The chorus speed.


The depth of the modulation.

Stereo outputs

When it is in stereo configuration, it uses the output A for the effect and B for the direct signal.

Sound and General Opinion

Let's say immediately that the natural context of the CH-1 is the effects loop, the acoustic guitar and a clean sound. In this context it makes really a good job and produces a pleasant chorus, perfect for the arpeggio, perhaps with too many highs, but the equalization control is very effective and can be used to cut higher frequencies for a better result.
Certainly, it can be used with an electric guitar too, but always in an effects loop or it will not make a good job.

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