Boss CE-5 Effects Pedal : Review



5: Level, Rate, Depth and a 2-band equalization for highs and lows.

  • E. Level
  • The volume.

  • Rate
  • The modulation rate, that is the speed of the chorus.

  • Depth
  • The modulation depth. A clockwise rotation produces a deeper effect, while a counterclockwise rotation generates a shallower chorus.

  • Equalization
  • This 2-position knob adjusts treble and bass frequencies. By cutting lows the CE-5 can produce a very natural sound.

Sample settings

They are included in the manual and can be useful to experiment with this pedal, so to understand how it works.

  • Stereo
  • Stereo
  • For Arpeggio
  • For Arpeggio
  • Deep and Fat
  • Deep and Fat
  • Discreet
  • It creates a slight spaciousness.

  • Vibration
  • The Rate at the maximum level creates a strong vibration.

  • One-time
  • A chorus with a narrow frequency characteristic.

  • Modern
  • A wide frequency characteristic.

  • Clean
  • Clean

General opinion

Rather flexible. Perhaps it is too much brilliant, but the problem can be solved turning counterclockwise the treble, and increasing lows, so to remove the excessive brightness and increase warmth. Yes, the digital character is evident, but the overall result is valid. Thanks to the 2 outputs (Mono and Stereo) the CE-5 can work with the Effect Loop of an amp. It is very quiet. The price is a bit excessive, but it is a good product.

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