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Zoom Q3 Handy Recorder : Review


An excellent audio

It shares with the H4n the same microphone capsules for a superior audio quality, really stereo and capable to raise your videos like no other portable recorder. This is, essentially, its main characteristic: a good video with a superior audio.

The video features

It creates videos in MOV format with the MPEG-4 SP compression at 30 frames per second. The final resolution is VGA (640 x 480). There is also a digital zoom (2x). Someone could be disappointed by this small resolution, but we cannot ask more to this video portable recorder that is based mainly on the audio quality. A good video with an excellent audio. This is the philosophy. Thanks to the two directional mics with the X/Y pattern, it is an excellent solution to shoot your personal music videos. An interesting feature is the possibility to turn off the video retake so to capture only the audio at 24bit/96kHz, and with the same professional features of the H4n, like the rec level or the low-cut filter.

The included software

It includes a software for a simple editing video, HandyShare. However, like its name suggests, the main use of this software is not the video editing, rather limited, but the possibility to share your videos on YouTube really on the fly. Simply connect the recorder to the PC via the USB cable, select the video and share it. Fast and very easy.

The SD card

The Q3 includes a 2GB card, but the user can use also an SDHC card up to 32GB.

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