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Zoom H6 Handy Recorder : Review


Four interchangeable capsules

They allow the optimization of the audio retake, and constitute a very valid help to quickly adapt the hardware to the surrounding environment. Two are included, while the other two are optional and sold separately.


The best solution for the live. The angle can be adjusted from 90 to 120 degrees with the frontal knob.



It consists of two mics. The first is unidirectional, the second is bi-directional. The result is a wide stereo image that is perfect for the retake in studio, but the main characteristic of this technology is the flexibility.


Shotgun (optional)

It has 3 internal mics and can be used in many different situations, above all when is difficult to position the mic directly in front of the sound source.


Dual XLR/TRS Combo (optional)

It adds 2 additional inputs, but doesn't feature the Phantom Power.

Dual XLR/TRS Combo


Much flexibility. The USB port can handle a digital signal, so the H6 can be used also as an audio interface with 6 inputs and 2 outputs.


4, more 2 that depend on the single capsule. They accept XLR or 1/4" cables and provide the Phantom Power. Each input is equipped with a dedicated control for the gain.
An important feature is that preamps use a 5 volts voltage, rather than 3, like on the common portable recorders. This feature allows a better result, even at high volumes.


A Line Out (1/8"), the headphone (1/8"), with a dedicated volume control, and the USB port. In the menù the user can choose if the USB must be used for a stereo track or for the 6 individual tracks. In this case we have an audio interface with 6 channels at our disposal.

File types

When the MP3 is active it can be produced only a stereo file, so, for a multitrack work, the user must choose the WAV type.


Sampling Frequency44.1/48/96kHz
Bit Rate16/24-bit
Maximum Simultaneous Tracks6 (+ 2 for the backup)


Sampling Frequency44.1kHz
Bit Rate48–320 kbps
Maximum Simultaneous Tracks2


  • Pre-Rec
  • It continuously works in background, and, when the user pushes the start button, it appends an empty 2-second file at the beginning.

  • Backup-Rec
  • During the audio retake it produces a copy with 12dB less gain. So, if the original file is distorted, the user has a version without distortion at his disposal.

  • Auto-Rec
  • It automatically starts when a signal is detected. The basic level of the signal can be set in the menù.

  • 99 marks and loop playback
  • The user can apply up to 99 marks on the file. These marks can be used for the internal looper too.

  • Normalize, Divide, Trim and Overdubbing
  • All these functions expand the editing possibilities. With the Overdubbing the user can apply up to 99 additions to the material.

  • Tuner, metronome, Variable Playback Speed, Variable Pitch
  • Useful to the musician.


Three compressor types and three limiter types that have been designed to optimize the final result. In addition, there is a Low Cut Filter as well.

Power supply and memory

4 batteries, also rechargeable (up to 20 hours). The optional AD-17 AC adapter is included in the Accessory Pack. The H6 can use various memory cards (SD, SDHC and SDXC) for a storage capability up to 128 GB.


The manual, more than 100 pages, is really complete and explains all the most important characteristics.


In the box

Operation manual, X/Y and Mid-Side capsule, SD card (2GB), 4 AA batteries (LR6), Cubase LE Software, WSH-6S Foam Windscreen, USB Cable, Case.

Additional capsules and other

Shotgun, Dual XLR/TRS Combo, HS-1 Hot Shoe Mount.

APH-6 Accessory Pack

RCH-6 wired Remote Control, AD-17 USB-type AC adapter, WSH-6H Hairy Windscreen.

Really valid

With the H series Zoom produces some of the best products in the market. The H6 is the new device of the Japanese company for the portable recording, and it's a great device, really great. 6 tracks!. An incredible result, for a so compact device. In my opinion, also at a good price, considering the high quality and the extraordinary flexibility of this product. Approximately 410 euros, but only with the included accessories.

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