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Zoom H2 Handy Recorder : Review


Four mics

The two pairs of mics can be used together or one at a time. The user can capture a real stereo image to produce a four-channel file that can be edited with some built-in functions, like the 3D panning, or with any other software for the audio editing. The front angle is 90°, while the rear angle is 120°.

WAV or MP3

The user can work with two formats. If you want an audio file with the highest quality you can use the WAV format at 24bit/96kHz.

Memory up to 32 GB

A 512MB SD card is included in the box, but with an additional SDHC card the storing capability can be expanded up to 32GB. This means up to 555 hours of audio material, in MP3. Obviously, these are general numbers, since the real storing capability depends on many different situations, like the format and the bit rate.

The USB port

The 2.0 USB port can be used for the connection with a PC. You can transfer your files to the PC, so to edit them, or you can import MP3s or WAVs in the device, that, therefore, can be used also like a music player, thanks to the phones output. In addition, the H2 can be used also like a USB mic or an audio interface for the PC.

The automatic function

The recording starts when audio is detected and stops when it ceases. This feature can be a great help for the memory optimization, and it creates a clean file that must not be edited to avoid empty spaces at the beginning and at the end.

The Gain level

The control for the gain level and the filter for the low frequency noise are rather common in these devices. These functions can be used automatically or the user can adjust them manually.

Additional features

The file can be normalized and splitted. There is also a converter for WAV files. The user can create his MP3s, without a dedicated software. In addition, a tuner and a metronome.

Zoom H2 : opinion

The H2 is, and has been, a great success for Zoom, and it is, undoubtedly, an excellent device, even for the musician. With the introduction of new models it can be bought at a very low price, maybe used. It can be a bargain.

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