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Yamaha Pocketrak W24 Handy Recorder : Review

Pocketrak W24

Efficient and modern

It can make really an excellent job, notwithstanding its minimal dimensions. Two formats: WAV (16bit/44.1 kHz or 24bit/96 kHz), and MP3 (32, 64, 128 o 320kbps). The frequency response, with the built-in microphone, is 60-20,000Hz, while in playback is 20-23,000Hz. The battery life, obviously, changes depending on many conditions. However, Yamaha has made an excellent job with the electronics, so the battery life can be up to 56 hours, in MP3 and 64kbps, while in playback up to 70, always in MP3 and 64kbps. Certainly, great numbers.

The wireless remote control

The user can position the W24 in the best location and operate it at a distance. You can start and stop the recording, or listen the audio with the included speaker without moving from your position.

The Scene function

For each specific context, the user can memorize the best settings, so to recall them quickly. You can assign a name to every setting, for example interview, rehearsal, practice and so on.

All is possible

Like i said at the beginning of this review, Yamaha has made a very good job with the electronics, so this really modern device provides a voice automatic recording system, an auto level control, the mic sensitivity selection, a limiter, a 5-band graphic equalizer with 8 presets, an high pass filter, and a monitor function.

For the musicians

A tuner for your instrument and a metronome, much useful for practicing.

Cubase AI5

This software can handle 48 tracks. It includes 31 effects, 480 drum loops and a speaker emulator. The USB port makes the connection to the PC easy and fast.

Final conclusions

Considering the important price, approximately 260 Euros, we could say at first sight that it is expensive. Today, we can buy excellent portable recorders at a lower price. But i have to say that this consideration would be superficial. It is really a quality product, with great audio features and functions. In addition it includes a good software for the editing that makes the Pocketrak W24 a complete solution, professional and much valid. So, at the end of this review, my opinion is that it is an excellent device and the price is justified.

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