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Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 Handy Recorder : Review

Pocketrak PR7

XY configuration, but fixed

A similar configuration, with the two capsules on the same axis, guarantees a good final result. We have to say that they are fixed, and this thing limits the flexibility, but it's not a great problem.


The final result is clean and crystalline

The remarkable resolution, 24-bit/96kHz, is the logical consequence of a very modern electronics. 2 formats: WAV and MP3.

Mic/Line input

A standard. It can receive the signal from a condenser microphone or another source.


Main features


  • OFF
  • The ideal setup for a musical performance, as for instance a live event.

  • NEAR
  • The PR7 has been designed for the voice or for the musician that is looking for a comfortable and fast device to record an intuition, to practice and so on. NEAR is ideal in a similar context.

  • BAND
  • Well, the name explains everything. Ideal for a multi-instrumental context.

  • For an outdoor environment. For example in a public place, in the street and so on.

  • Obviously, for the voice.


It allows the addition of new material to a pre-existing file. Very useful.

36 markers

They can be used during the recording but, above all, the playback. In a moment the user can create, for instance, a loop.

For the musician

The tuner and metronome are present on all the products of this type, at least those more modern.

Other functions

Adjustable Playback Speed, pre-rec buffer, a limiter, the auto level and a selector for the sensitivity of the external mic.

WaveLab LE

Together with the PR7 Yamaha provides a code for the free download of a good but simple editing software.

Battery life and storage

Almost 30 hours, at 16-bit and 44.1kHz. It features a 2GB built-in memory with the addition of a slot for an SD/SDHC card.

Additional features

It can be mounted on a standard tripod and provides a useful built-in speaker.

Tripod and speaker

A good product

The competition in this sector is really difficult, also for a great company, but this device provides all the necessary, also for musicians. The PR7 price, about 170 euros, at the moment, is in line with other similar products.

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