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Yamaha Pocketrak CX Handy Recorder : Review

Pocketrak CX

The battery is rechargeable

Up to 50 hours in MP3 or 22 hours in WAV. This product uses a battery, included in the box, that is recharged automatically when it is connected to the PC via the USB.


Like other devices of the same type, this Yamaha product features two directional capsules with a 90° X-Y configuration, but they are fixed. Anyhow, let's remember to the reader that a similar configuration avoids some common problems in a stereo recording, like level differences and phase anomalies. In addition there is also a dedicated input for an additional mic, but without the Phantom Power.


It stores data on an SD card. Obviously the amount of data that can be stored depends on the format and the sample rate. Yamaha provides a 2GB card.

The software

Cubase AI4. After the recording you can simply transfer your files to the PC via USB so to edit them. Certainly, an important added value of the Pocketrak CX.

The useful included software for the editing of the material

Cubase AI4 is an advanced software for the audio editing, and can be used even in a professional environment. In the image below we can see the typical setup of a small Home Studio.

A typical setup for a professional job


The Pocketrak CX provides many functions. For example, the playback speed can be varied without changing the pitch, so to study music. It is equipped also with a 5-band equalizer.

  • Formats
  • Recording: Linear PCM, MP3. Playback: MP3, WMA, WAV.

  • Voice Automatic Recording System
  • It starts automatically when it receives a signal.

  • Auto Level Control (ALC)
  • Sensitivity switch
  • 2 steps when ALC is activated, 80 when it is off

  • Peak limiter
  • 5 band EQ (8 presets)
  • Self timer
  • Rec monitor
  • Repeat (with various options)
  • Playback speed: Slow (70%), normal (100%), Fast (150%). Only MP3
  • Playlist
  • Divide file

Expensive, but with many things

If we compare the Pocketrak CX price, approximately 200 euros, with other devices on the market with the same characteristics, perhaps this Yamaha product can be considered rather expensive. Anyhow, we must consider the presence of a large number of accessories and, above all, Cubase AI4, really a good software. The audio quality is, obviously, excellent.

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