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Tascam iXZ Handy Recorder : Review


Very useful

A portable and compact interface that can turn out a useful gadget for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This Tascam product can be used to connect a condenser microphone, a guitar or a bass.

The Phantom Power

It features an XLR input for a condenser microphone that provides the necessary Phantom Power. It requires two AA batteries.

Only the necessary

The iXZ is very compact, so, obviously, it provides just the essential to connect a microphone or an instrument.


An XLR for the microphone and a 1/4" high-impedance for an instrument.


2, 1 for the headphones and 1 for an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


The iXZ features a level control, a switch for the Phantom Power and one for the mode (Off, Guitar, Mic).

Inputs and controls

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