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Tascam iM2 Handy Recorder : Review


An intelligent idea

A very useful and intelligent Tascam idea. It can transform various Apple products in a quality recorder that works with any app and also with the built-in video camera.
It can be, therefore, a valid solution to add a professional audio to the video captured with the iPhone or with the iPad.


It is compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPad1/2, iPod touch 4G and it is powered through the dock connector.


Two, condenser, with an AB pattern, that can be adjusted over 180 degrees. It includes a preamp and a quality analog-to-digital converter.
The microphones can handle up to 125dB sound level. A very high value that testify the quality of this Tascam product.


A stereo limiter and a recording level. Obviously these are really basic controls but the iM2 is very compact.

General opinion

A very useful product. With a low cost for the user the iM2 transforms the iPhone or the iPad in a portable recorder, and with an high quality audio. Valid for who wants to add a good audio to videos or for the musician.

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    The 2 adjustable capsules are the main innovation, if we compare it with the predecessor. Two possible positions, XY and AB, according to the characteristics of the environment. The manual doesn't include instructions for the firmware upgrade.

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    It permits the choice among 6 different scenes, they are called so, and with Sound Organizer the user can transfer files to the computer, can convert them in MP3 or burn a music CD.

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