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Tascam iM2 Handy Recorder : Review


An intelligent idea

A very useful and intelligent Tascam idea. It can transform various Apple products in a quality recorder that works with any app and also with the built-in video camera.
It can be, therefore, a valid solution to add a professional audio to the video captured with the iPhone or with the iPad.


It is compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPad1/2, iPod touch 4G and it is powered through the dock connector.


Two, condenser, with an AB pattern, that can be adjusted over 180 degrees. It includes a preamp and a quality analog-to-digital converter.
The microphones can handle up to 125dB sound level. A very high value that testify the quality of this Tascam product.


A stereo limiter and a recording level. Obviously these are really basic controls but the iM2 is very compact.

General opinion

A very useful product. With a low cost for the user the iM2 transforms the iPhone or the iPad in a portable recorder, and with an high quality audio. Valid for who wants to add a good audio to videos or for the musician.

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