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Tascam GT-R1 Handy Recorder : Review


For the practice and for the songwriter

It has been designed for the songwriter that is looking for a fast instrument to record his ideas or for practice and studio. So it provides many functions for the guitarist, but also for the bassist, and all the necessary to jam on a musical base.
Two built-in stereo condenser microphones, an amp simulator, 55 effects, the overdubbing, a drum machine, a low cut filter, an analog limiter and the USB connection for the PC. The looper and the function to slow down the speed of a file without changing the pitch are perfect for the study.
The LINE IN input lets you connect an external device, for instance an MP3 player. In addition, it provides a function to cancel the guitar, or the bass, of a song, the tuner and the metronome.


They are organized in 5 groups (banks), feature many controls for the parameters adjusting, and can be applied to the direct signal or to the playback.

  • A-C
  • Guitar.

  • D
  • Bass.

  • E
  • Reverbs.


The drum machine

88 rhythm presets. Some patterns (1-9) can be used as a metronome. The user can set the tempo and the count-in.

For a good job

It provides some functions for the songwriting, like for instance the overdubbing, and some that can be useful to study a musical phrase or for the practice, like the guitar and bass canceller.
The user can modify the playback speed without changing the pitch and can loop the file. It is compatible with the MP3 ID3 tags (up to 2.4 version).

The tuner

Two modalities. In the first the user can tuner the instrument by watching the display, while in the second the GT-R1 produces a tone for the adjusting.


Really complete, and explains everything, but it is only in the electronic version. If you are looking for the firmware you can download it from this page: http://tascam.com/product/gt-r1/downloads/

AK-DR1 kit

Some optional accessories. It includes a tabletop stand, a microphone clip and a windscreen. The AC adapter (PS-P520) is optional and it's not included in the box.

General opinion

Yes, the GT-R1 is not a cheap product but it provides all the necessary for the songwriter that wants a fast instrument to record his ideas and for the practice. In addition, the well-known Tascam quality.

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