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Tascam DR-680 Handy Recorder : Review


The price is really excessive

The DR-680, with its eight tracks that can be used simultaneously, is, in every respect, multitrack, but portable. Well, the price, approximately 950 Euros, is too much high, rather exaggerated, but it provides some interesting functions, a complete inputs and outputs set and an excellent audio quality. So, let's see the main features of this very interesting device.

Inputs and outputs

It provides 6 XLRs, with Phantom Power and 60 dB of gain, so to use condenser microphones. In addition, it is equipped with a digital S/PDIF, stereo. So, total inputs are eight. Each provides a low cut filter and an analog limiter. With regard to the outputs, it is equipped with 6 RCAs, more the digital.

Audio specs

Three formats: BWF, WAV and MP3. It is equipped with high quality converters: AKM Audio4Pro, 192kHz with 100dB signal to noise ratio.


44.1/48/96/192 kHz (16/24-bit)


44.1/48/96/192 kHz (16/24-bit)


96/128/192/320 kbps (44.1/48 kHz)

Frequency response

44.1 kHz

20 Hz-20 kHz +0.5/-1.5 dB

48 kHz

20 Hz-20 kHz +0.5/-0.5 dB

96 kHz

20 Hz-40 kHz +0.5/-1.0 dB

192 kHz

20 Hz-80 kHz +0.5/-5.0 dB


0.007% (1 kHz)

S/N ratio

98 dB

The cascade function

Interesting. You can connect two DR-680s for a total of 14 tracks that can be recorded simultaneously.

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