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Tascam DR-40 Handy Recorder : Review



It provides some external controls and many different features that expand the possibilities of the user, and that have been planned to make the job fast and comfortable.

All is immediately accessible

The recording, the playback and the menĂ¹ navigation are easy and fast. As we can see the monochromatic display shows all the necessary information.

Buttons and display

Side 1

The "EXT IN" selector adjusts the input for three different sources: Line in, microphone and condenser microphone (Phantom Power). In addition we can see the input level, the jack for the output and the Hold, to avoid errors.

side 1

Side 2

The USB port and the slot for the SD card.

side 2

Modern and advanced

The DR-40 features a pair of adjustable condenser microphones (XY to AB position), but also two XLR balanced inputs, or 1/4", and the Phantom Power. The 2 balanced inputs are, certainly, an added value.

adjustable microphones

Another important characteristic is that it can work on 4 tracks at a time, another added value, with an excellent 96kHz/24-bit resolution.


All the necessary: 3 modes (Dual, 4CH and Overdub), peak reduction, pre-rec buffer, variable speed playback, limiter, low cut filter, chromatic tuner, mixer, playback EQ and Reverb effect.


Really complete and with all the detailed instructions.


The DR-40 is the classic Tascam product: much quality. 4 tracks and the balanced inputs are the most important characteristics. For who is looking for an advanced product at a good price it is a valid choice.

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