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Tascam DR-2d Handy Recorder : Review


Audio specifications


Sampling frequency of 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz, at 16 or 24-bit.


44.1 or 48 kHz with a bit-rate of 32, 64, 96, 128, 192, 256 or 320 kbps.

Frequency response

44.1 kHz

20 - 20 kHz +1/-3 dB

48 kHz

20 - 22 kHz +1/-3 dB

96 kHz

20 - 42 kHz +1/-3 dB

Total harmonic distortion and S/N ratio

These two values testify the excellent electronics. The total harmonic distortion is 0.02%, while the S/N ratio is a valid 90 dB.

Some innovations

It can work in three different modalities. Let's see them.


When this mode is active it will make a duplicate of the file, but with a lower level, up to -12dB. The result is that if the first file is distorted, for example for an input level jump, you have a second copy. Obviously, this is not the only function to avoid distortion. In fact this device features a low cut filter and an analog limiter.


It generates two files simultaneously. The first from the built-in mics, the second from the line input. This is a perfect solution if you want to work on the two files separately, for example with an editing software on the PC.


It works like the Line, so it records simultaneously from the built-in mics and from the line input, but this time the DR-2d will create a stereo file, not two.


Six different reverbs: RevHall 1, RevHall 2, RevRoom, RevStudio, RevPlate 1, RevPlate 2.

General opinion

It features an excellent electronics, some advanced and innovative modes for the recording and useful functions such as the Variable Speed Audition, a function to slow down the playback without changing pitch, a looper and a metronome. In addition, it provides various reverbs. The price, approximately 290 Euros, is not low, but the DR-2d is modern and innovative. My opinion is positive.

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