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Tascam DR-100mkII Handy Recorder : Review


The improved version

The DR-100 has been a great success for Tascam, so the Japanese company decided to produce a successor with some important hardware improvements.

New features

XLR also for the Line In

Both feature two XLR inputs, but the DR-100mkII is equipped with a switch to set the appropriate nominal level for a mic or for an audio device. The original model features a 3.5mm (1/8") input for the Line In. The difference is important. The XLR guarantees a better quality of the signal. In addition, it features a second 3.5mm input. Both feature the phantom power for condenser microphones.

XLR side


It is equipped with a digital input (TRS, 2.5mm-3/32"). The box includes a cable for the conversion of the signal.


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