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Tascam DR-1 Handy Recorder : Review


Small, but professional

With a nice look, much modern and technological, it provides all the necessary for a good result: advanced microphones, MP3 or WAV, an additional input, SD or SDHC card, many functions, such as the analog limiter and a low cut filter, a built-in tuner, a metronome, an effects DSP and the USB 2.0 connection. Let's see this interesting and complete product.


The built-in capsules are equipped with a variable angle mechanism. In addition it features two dedicated inputs (1/8" with Phantom Power and one of 1/4").


Two. Let's see technical specifications.

  • WAV
  • 44.1kHz or 48kHz, at 16 or 24-bit.

  • MP3
  • 32-320kbps range, always with a 44.1kHz or 48kHz resolution. It supports the ID3 tag.

Audio specifications

These excellent values testify the modern electronics.

  • Frequency response
  • 20 Hz-20 kHz, +1/-3 dB

  • Distortion
  • 0.03% or less

  • S/N ratio
  • 90 dB


For the audio

Low cut filter, control for an analog auto Gain and analog limiter. A control for the playback speed, so you can study, for example, a phrase, a pitch control, a tuner for an instrument, that can be connected via the 1/8" input, and a metronome.

For the editing

  • Vocal Cancel
  • It deletes the voice and allows the use of the DR-1 like a Karaoke device.

  • Overdub
  • It permits a new recording on a pre-recorded track.


Various reverbs, a chorus, an Auto-Pan and some equalizations. There are two controls: Level and Depth.

General opinion

Absolutely positive. Compact, lightweight and full of functions. The metronome and the built-in tuner are really an added value. It costs, approximately, 249 Euros, but it is a justified price.

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