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Tascam DR-07mkII Handy Recorder : Review


The heir

For Tascam the DR-07 has been a great success, so it's not a surprise the production of an heir. This new version of a best-selling product provides some new functions and a new design, i have to say, really beautiful.

Adjustable microphones

The first important difference, compared with its predecessor, is that it features a pair of adjustable condenser microphones. They can assume two possible positions, XY and AB. The first, XY, is useful for a very precise source, while the second, AB, is the best solution for a wider space.

Great sound quality

The analog and digital circuits are separate and, also thanks to the low impedance, it reduces noise and signal distortion, also in the most difficult contexts. In addition, the A/D and D/A converters are equipped with a separate power supply.
Two formats, WAV and MP3, up to 96kHz/24-bit (WAV) and from 32 to 320 kbps (MP3).

Power supply

It can work with two batteries, the USB or an AC Adapter (PS-P515U). The AC Adapter is not included in the box. You have to buy it separately. As regards the battery life, at 44.1kHz/16-bit, WAV, Tascam declares 17.5 hours. Good.


Variable Speed Audition

It changes playback speed without changing pitch. It can be very useful for the analysis of a musical phrase.

Level Align

It levels volume during playback. In substance, it is a normalization in real-time.


The name explains everything. A file can be repeated endlessly.

Peak reduction

It sets automatically the optimum gain level, so to avoid signal distortions.

Quick Menu

It lets you select, quickly, the most common parameters, for example the auto level, the limiter and the low-cut.


The user can overwrite a pre-existing file with new material.

Auto Record

It starts, automatically, when it receives a signal.


6 different reverbs that can be applied during recording or playback.


For the playback it provides an equalization section.

Divide and Delete

Two functions for the files editing.

Up to 99 markers

The user can apply up to 99 markers for each file.

Chromatic tuner

Useful to tune your instrument.

Manual and firmware

Complete and exhaustive, but doesn't contain informations for the firmware upgrade.

General opinion

The DR-07mkII provides really all the necessary for a quality recording and some advanced functions, in a so small device, for playback.

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