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Tascam DR-07 Handy Recorder : Review


Many things in little space

The two built-in mics can capture a wide stereo image and in MP3 or WAV format. It provides many advanced functions, like the MP3 loop, the auto gain setting, a limiter and a low cut filter. It can really produce a good result in a small, portable device that can work with two AA batteries.

The Variable Speed Audition

A much useful function that can help learning music. It slows down the audio without changing the pitch, so the user can study a Riff, a solo and so on.

The USB port

It can be connected to a PC via the USB, so to transfer files to the PC and vice versa. When connected, it will appear like an hard disk.

Three sources for the signal

The built-in mics, an external microphone or the line input. The choice is fast and easy. Simply, the user must press the Menu button, then he can choose the input. Everything is immediate.


The DR-07 is a good recorder and provides all the necessary for a clean job, but Tascam in this sector is a certainty. The price includes a 2GB SD Card.

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    The Quick Menu lets you set the main parameters quickly and easily. The analog and digital circuits are separate, so to avoid low-frequency noise and distortions. 125dB SPL sensitivity for the built-in mics.

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    24-bit/96kHz, omnidirectional microphones, a digital limiter and a low-cut filter for a perfect result. In addition to the built-in 4GB Flash memory there is a slot for an SD card (micro).

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    Gain can be adjusted manually or automatically, so to avoid distortion of the signal. Notwithstanding the price, rather low, it is equipped with some very useful additional features, as the tuner and the metronome.

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