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Tascam DR-03 Handy Recorder : Review


Affordable and interesting

A new Tascam product with quality features, a 2GB MicroSD card, included in the box, but at an affordable price. It is perfect for musicians, students or interviewers. Notwithstanding the price, rather low, it provides an excellent audio, up to 48kHz/24-bit, and many functions that we will see.

Audio specifications

Up to 48kHz/24-bit, in WAV or MP3. To the built-in condenser microphones it adds an input for one additional. It has the speaker, obviously, and the output for the headphones.

Some of the main characteristics

It includes a low cut filter and an analog limiter. Gain can be adjusted manually or automatically, so to avoid distortions. It has the automatic function that starts the recorder only when it receives a signal. The Variable Speed Audition allows the variation of the playback speed without changing the pitch. There is also a looper, that can be very useful for the study. Moreover, a tuner and a metronome. It can be powered both with two AAA batteries and via the USB.

General opinion

At an affordable price, approximately 100 Euros, the DR-03 provides all the necessary for a quality result, also for musicians. The tuner and the metronome can be considered important added values.

Other reviews

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