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Tascam DP-008 portastudio Handy Recorder : Review

DP-008 portastudio

The successor of the DP-004

Each control provides its knob. This is the Portastudio philosophy. It can record audio two tracks at a time, with the help of a metronome and a chromatic tuner. It allows the bounce of the material, so to free space.


Two XLR inputs allow the connection of condenser microphones, thanks to the Phantom power. For guitar or other instruments it provides two 1/4" jacks, with a switch to select the suitable guitar level. There is also an input for a footswitch. With regard to the outputs, two RCA and one for the headphone. In addition there is an USB port to transfer files directly to the PC. Obviously, it provides a built-in microphone.

Knobs for each track

Each track provides controls for level, Pan, effects and an equalization section. It features an effects processor with various reverbs and other effects. The user can record his music in a WAV file and then he can export the file on the PC with the USB cable, included in the box.

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