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Tascam DP-004 Pocketstudio Handy Recorder : Review

DP-004 Pocketstudio

Always the same philosophy

Notwithstanding the size, really compact, this device doesn't betray the Tascam philosophy: Knobs instead of a menu. Everything must be immediate, easy and fast. Certainly, this product is the result of a really excellent job. A miracle of micro-electronics.

The necessary is present

Four tracks, with two that can be recorded simultaneously. It is equipped with a built-in condenser microphone, so it can be used anywhere, for example a concert, or simply for your inspiration. A function, called Bounce, allows the tracks consolidation so to make room on the other tracks for new audio material. It features an SD Slot and includes a 1GB card.

Two 1/4" jacks

Obviously, the built-in microphone is only one of the possible audio sources. The user, thanks to two 1/4" jacks, can connect another microphone or an instrument. In addition, there is a switch to adapt inputs to the guitar level.

The onboard digital mixer

With knobs for level and pan. The user can copy all the material on a stereo master track, so to transfer, via the USB, the final audio to a PC.

Final conclusions

The DP-004 Pocketstudio is an excellent Tascam product. In spite of the compact size, it can be considered a real multitrack recorder, with some basic editing functions and a digital mixer with real knobs for the settings. My opinion is that it can be an excellent choice.

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