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Sony PCM-M10 Handy Recorder : Review


Less expensive than the PCM-D50

It has the same features of the other version but with some differences that reduce the final price. 24-bit/96kHz, a built-in 4GB Flash memory, a slot for a MicroSD card and an editing software: Sound Forge Audio Studio LE. In addition, it is equipped also with a wireless remote control.


The condenser capsules are fixed and omnidirectional, but with a great quality. They produce a crystalline audio in every context. A good job. Yes, they are fixed, the position cannot be changed like in other recorders, but it's not a great problem.

Sound Forge Audio Studio LE

Thanks to the USB port the user can easily and quickly transport files on the PC and edit them with the included software.

Final conclusions

In the review of the PCM-D50 i expressed some doubts about the price, but i have to say that Sony has made an excellent job with this Series and the PCM-M10 doesn't disappoint, but at a lower price. It can be considered a good purchase. It features excellent audio qualities, thanks to the valid electronics, a 4GB Flash memory, good functions, a wireless remote control and includes an editing software. And it's Sony.

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