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Sony PCM-D50 Handy Recorder : Review


Expensive, but with all the necessary

It cannot be considered a cheap product, its cost is approximately 600 Euros, but it is surely a quality device, entirely built in aluminum, with two-position stereo microphones (X/Y or Wide), 24-bit/96kHz, ID3 tags recognition, various advanced functions and a software for the editing: Sound Forge Audio Studio LE.


It features two condenser microphones, and provides two operating positions: the classic X/Y and Wide. At close range the X/Y position provides the best choice. Alternatively, Wide is perfect for a wider spread stereo image.


It has been designed to minimize noise thanks to four separate circuits. The analog audio, the digital audio, the digital recording and the power supply circuit are completely separated. This excellent engineering job guarantees against the electromagnetic interferences.

Digital limiter and high filter

First of all it features a digital limiter, so to avoid distortions. It is inherited from an excellent product: the PCM-D1. In addition, the PCM-D50 provides an high filter, with the possibility to select the operational frequency (150Hz or 75Hz) and a 5-second pre record buffer.

Sound Forge Audio Studio LE

It features a USB port and includes a basic editing software: Sound Forge Audio Studio LE. The material can be easily transfered on the PC and then it can be edited.

Final conclusions

Well, the PCM-D50 is certainly a quality device. The excellent electronics, with four separate circuits, allows really a clean result. 24-bit and 96kHz guarantee a professional job. The large display helps to control everything and everything is easy and immediate. It is Sony, so we can be sure about its quality, but the price, in my opinion, is absolutely excessive. On the market there are many equivalent products at a lower price.

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