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Sony ICD-UX300 Handy Recorder : Review


2 in 1

If we look at the 3 formats that it can execute, MP3, AAC and WMA, we understand that it has been designed to be also a music player. The headphones are included in the box. It supports ID3 tags, so informations about files are easily readable on the display.


With a capacity of 4GB the user has much space at his disposal, but it depends on the used mode. Let's see a summary of the possibilities in this table.

ModeTime (hours/minutes)


VOR (Voice Operated Recording) is useful for the optimization of the available space in the memory. It stops the recording when there is no more signal and it starts again when there is a new signal. So, no pauses.


It provides some useful functions designed for the voice. The recorder lets you choose the best sensitivity for the input. The ICD-UX300, in fact, is equipped with a built-in microphone but provides also an input for an additional microphone. It is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking, a very useful software to convert audio in text.

General opinion

The ICD-UX300 price is, approximately, 115 Euros. My opinion is that it can be considered a good product, with the possibility to use it like a music player.

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