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Sony ICD-SX750 Handy Recorder : Review


2GB Flash Memory

It isn't equipped with an SD card slot, like other similar products, but a flash memory with a capacity of 2GB. It works in many different modes (STHQ / ST / STLP / SP / LP (LPEC) / PCM / MP3) and can store up to 750 hours of audio, in LP, or 35 in MP3.

WMA and MP3

The ID3 tag is supported, so it can be used, comfortably, like a music player, thanks to the included headphones. Let's see audio specifications.

FormatBit RateSampling frequency
WMA32 - 192kbps, VBR44.1kHz
MP332 - 320kbps, VBR16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48kHz

The speaker

For the playback, it provides an output for the headphones, included in the box, or the built-in speaker with a 16mm (13/32 inches) diameter and an output of 150mW.

The more complete model

There is another version, ICD-SX750D. The only difference is that it comes with a very useful software, Dragon Naturally Speaking. It transforms audio in text.

General opinion

Sony produces only good products and the ICD-SX750 doesn't disappoint. Like always, the price is a bit excessive, approximately 200 Euros, but a Sony product is a guarantee.

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