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Sony ICD-PX820 Handy Recorder : Review


Cheap and simple

This Sony product has been designed just for the voice and features some functions that are specific for this task. With 2GB of built-in flash memory the user has all the necessary and, if we consider the target of this device, the available space turns out more than sufficient.


With four different modalities, for the recording, the flexibility is guaranteed. Depending on the different contexts the user can choose the more convenient option, so to optimize the available memory.


44.1kHz/192kbs: 22 hours and 15 minutes. Frequency Range: 75 - 20.000Hz.


44.1kHz/128kbs: 33/20 (75 - 17.000Hz).


44.1kHz/48kbs: 89 (75 - 15.000Hz).


11.025kHz/8kbs: 534/25 (80 - 3.500Hz).


Dictation Correction overwrites the file, during the playback, so to replace any incorrect information. Really useful and interesting. In addition, the digital pitch control, the A-B Repeat, substantially a looper, the Voice Operated Recording, that stops the device during pauses and starts automatically when detects a new signal, and the alarm.

The quality/price ratio is very valid

The ICD-PX820 is a good Sony product. At an excellent price, approximately 65 Euros, it provides all the necessary to make a good job. The lack of a memory slot is not a great problem. 2 GB of flash memory allow an excellent autonomy.

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