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Sony ICD-MX20 Handy Recorder : Review


Only for the voice

It works with the built-in 32MB Flash memory or with Stick Duo or Pro Duo cards. The material is organized in folders, up to 300, by type. This device has been designed exclusively for the voice. Everything is functional to this unique task. It is equipped with a very useful software, but we will speak about this afterwards.

The digital buffer

The internal memory isn't extraordinary, so this function turns out very useful. It stops the recording during pauses and restarts when it detects a new signal.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Audio can be automatically converted in text. If you are looking for a product to quickly take notes, for example, the ICD-MX20 is a good solution.

The Monitor function

Headphones can be used to optimize the quality of the final result during the job. This feature turns out much comfortable to adjust the Gain level, so to avoid signal distortion.

The USB 2.0

With the USB transferring files to the PC is easy and fast.

Final conclusions

It's a Sony product, so we can be sure about the overall quality, but the current price, approximately 290 Euros, is certainly excessive. On the market there are many portable recorders with many more functions of the ICD-MX20 and a more modern electronics at a lower price. Too much expensive.

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