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Sony ICD-BX800 Handy Recorder : Review


Cheap but complete

A low-cost product but with some very useful functions for a fast note of your ideas, appointments and so on. Let's say immediately that this recorder is specific for the voice. This is its world. An important lack is the absence of the USB, but the headphones output can be used to transfer files to the PC. It's not a perfect solution but an alternative doesn't exist.

4 modes

It works directly in MP3 and with different modalities, so to optimize the available space in the memory.

ModeFrequency rangeSample rateRec time (hours/minutes)
SHQ75 - 20,000 Hz44.1kHz/192k22/15
HQ75 Hz - 17,000 Hz44.1kHz/128k33/20
SP75 Hz - 15,000 Hz44.1kHz/48k89
LP80 Hz - 3,500 Hz11.025kHz/8k534/25


The recording starts automatically when it receives a signal. Obviously the stop is automatic too. All the material can be organized in five folders. There are also some simple editing options, for example the file can be divided. But the most interesting function is that the user can overwrite the file to correct it.

General opinion

At a so low price the ICD-BX800 can be considered an excellent solution to record quickly ideas or notes. The USB lack is annoying, but files can be transferred to the PC via the headphones output.

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