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Sony ICD-BM1 Handy Recorder : Review


General features

All is organized in folders, up to 340, and stored on the included 128MB Memory Stick card. The display shows many useful information, such as the battery level, the digital clock, the alarm and files names. It is equipped with a software, Digital Voice Editor, that attaches files to an email and sends them.


The user can transfer the material to the PC or, certainly, he can send musical files to the recorder, so to use it as a player, thanks to the headphones, included in the box.

3 choices

Three different modalities that differ for quality of the final result. According to the choice of the user the memory capacity changes in consequence.

ModeFrequency range (Hz)Time (hours)

For a fast listening

The diameter of the built-in speaker is 28mm (1 1/10"), with an output of 350mW.

A minimum of flexibility

It is equipped with a built-in microphone, but if you want you can use an additional mic connected to the dedicated input.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

It is compatible with this software, very useful, that converts audio in text. But it isn't included.

General opinion

The ICD-BM1 is a good device for the vocal recording. Sony is a great industry and all its products are quality products, but, like always, the price is excessive. 350 Euros, approximately, is too much. Really too much.

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