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Sony ICD-AX412 Handy Recorder : Review


Some of the main characteristics

4 modes

It can work in four different modes, so to optimize the memory space. From 8 to 192kbps, always in MP3.

Microphone sensitivity

The user can adjust this very important value, so to avoid the distortion of the signal.

Intelligent Noise Cut

A Sony technology that reduces ambient noise. It produces a more clear audio.

Low-cost, but only in the price

It is a cheap product but with some very useful functions for the editing and also for the playback.

A-B Repeat

You can repeat a particular section endlessly. Useful for studying a musical phrase or for learning a language.

Folders names

For a valid organization of the audio material it provides the possibility to personalize the folders names.

Position markers

The user can place up to 99 position markers in each file, so that it's very easy and fast to jump in a particular position of the file.

Add Recording

During the playback the user can start a new recording that will be added at the end of the file.

Dictation Correction

The user can correct a recording during playback.

Voice Operated

The ICD-AX412 starts when it receives a sufficient signal and stops when it doesn't receive a signal.


The user can schedule an alarm.

DPC (Digital Pitch Control)

It lets you play the file slower or faster without changing the pitch.


Sound Organizer. It provides some simple audio editing functions and can burn CD/DVD. In addition, it is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

General opinion

Usually Sony products are rather expensive. The ICD-AX412, instead, is valid and with many useful functions, but at a very good price.

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