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Roland R-09HR Handy Recorder : Review


Up to 24-bit/96kHz

It is not cheap. Its price is approximately 300 Euros, but this product is really professional. Numbers testify it. It can work up to 24-bit/96kHz. Much more than the audio digital resolution of an audio CD. The heart of the R-09HR is the I.A.R.C. (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit). This new system, developed by Roland, features indipendent power sources for the analog circuitry and for the digital circuitry. This feature eliminates the interferences between components and so assures a crystalline audio, really excellent.

The characteristics are really advanced

It features a professional built-in microphone, with an analogic input control. Roland has provided many functions to optimize the use: a mono/stereo selector, a gain boost, a low-cut filter and a limiter with auto gain control. It has been designed to completely avoid interferences between internal components, so the microphone is separated from the main circuit. Obviously, It provides also an additional input.

The display

The OLED technology assures a good battery life.

Comfortable and fast

It includes a useful wireless remote control that can be used for many functions, like for example the input level. An important added value.

The included software

Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator LE. Thanks to this software the user can edit audio or publish a webpage.


The R-09HR, like i said at the beginning of this review, is not cheap, but Roland has made really a professional product. It is a quality recorder, with an excellent electronics, many advanced functions, a useful wireless remote control and a good software for the editing.

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