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Roland R-05 Handy Recorder : Review


A modern electronics has many advantages

It can work up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution with the built-in microphone or via the external input. The frequency response is 20Hz/40kHz. It stores data on the included SD card, or also SDHC, up to 32GB. The most important demonstration of the high-quality electronics is the excellent battery life: 30 hours in playback and 16 in recording. Two formats, WAV and MP3. It provides a USB connection to transfer files on the PC. Obviously, thanks to its extended battery life and to the headphone output, it can be used also like an audio player. The weight is only 140g ( 0 lbs. 5 oz.).


The user can perform many operations on the files and he can also apply four reverbs: Hall1, Hall2, Room and Plate. Auto start, automatic split and automatic level. In addition, it can simultaneously record a WAV and an MP3 file.

Perfect for the practice

Some useful functions for the practice, like the loop playback or the speed change. The user can change the playback speed without changing the pitch, so to study a phrase.


This is a modern device, with high quality features. The R-05 is, certainly, flexible and complete. My opinion is that the price, approximately 240 Euros, can be considered good.

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