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Olympus LS-100 Handy Recorder : Review


Excellent quality, but the price?

Undoubtedly, very valid. 96kHz/24bit, XLR inputs and many interesting options for the recording and for the mixing, but the price is important, perhaps too much.

Main features


Two stereo condenser, but with a fixed position. The level is independent.

Sound pressure up to 140dB SPL

This feature testify the excellent quality of the electronics. It guarantees the absence of distortions also in the most difficult situations.


2 for the recording and 8 for the playback.


The two XLRs, with the Phantom Power, allow the connection of external condenser microphones or also of an instrument, like for instance your guitar.

Tuner and metronome

It has been designed for musicians. The tuner and the metronome are absolutely necessary in a so product.

2 formats

The user can record in WAV, so without a compression, or in MP3.

General opinion

Well, the LS-100 is certainly a valid device with some interesting characteristics and an excellent audio quality, but the price, compared with other similar products, is excessive.

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