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Korg Sound on Sound SOS Handy Recorder : Review

Sound on Sound SOS

Suitable to the musician

It has been designed to allow an unlimited number of overdubs and to be an all-in-one device. It provides, in fact, 100 effects, 50 rhythm patterns, a chromatic tuner, a dedicated balanced guitar input and a free software, Korg Audio Utility, for files conversion and audio CD creation. In addition, a useful touchscreen LCD, that makes everything fast and easy. It stores data on MicroSD cards, or MicroSDHC, but doesn't has the USB. It is equipped with a built-in speaker and an headphones output.

200 songs

The job can be organized in songs, up to 200. The user has many advanced functions at his disposal. For instance, unlimited Undo and Redo, a looper, and Sound Stretch, that modifies the playback speed without changing the pitch, useful to study or for other purposes.


100, organized in four groups: GTR, MIC, MST and TCH. Let's see them.

  • GTR
  • This is the section for the guitar. 36 patches.

  • MIC
  • 25 for the microphone. For vocals, acoustic guitars and so on.

  • MST
  • 32 for the master. They can be used to finalize a song.

  • TCH
  • 7, controlled in real-time via the touchscreen LCD.

Really valid, but with a limit

The SOS is a good product and is equipped with all the necessary to make a complete job: 100 effects, a rhythm machine, a software for the files conversion. With the added value of the touchscreen LCD and the balanced guitar input. The lack of the USB port, for a modern device, is unacceptable. If you need a product with these features, the price, approximately 300 Euros, can be good.

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