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Korg MR1000 Handy Recorder : Review


Modern and advanced

It provides, at an affordable price, the advanced DSD technology at an amazing 1-bit/5.6MHz for really a great audio fidelity. This product, that provides 2 tracks, is so a perfect solution for the professional who needs an high quality recording in a mobility context. It can work, in fact, with 8 batteries and weighs 1.0kg (2.20 lbs.). The included software, AudioGate, enables the conversion in the most modern formats with various sample rates. We will speak about this later.

The main features

The DSD technology can astonish for its high fidelity. Three formats: DSDIFF, DSF, and WSD (2.8224 MHz/1-bit or 5.6448 MHz/1-bit). In addition, the user can choose a multi-bit format, BWF or WAV, up to 24-bit/192 kHz. For the playback it is available, in addition, the MP3. As regard to the storing it is equipped with a 40GB hard drive. The frequency response is 100 kHz and the dynamic range is 120 dB. The hardware has been designed for a professional use, with high quality mic preamps and the power that is supplied independently from the audio circuitry, so to avoid interferences.


It includes a software for the conversion and for some basic functions, like the gain control or the fade in/out. It can convert in WAV and AIFF formats. I have to say that at this price, the MR-1000 costs approximately 660 Euros, AudioGate turns out inadequate for a professional job.

Final conclusions

The DSD technology provides an extraordinary audio fidelity. This Korg device will give you the possibility to make a professional job, this is sure. The absence of an editing software is the only lack of this product. The price, approximately 660 Euros, is justified.

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