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Fostex AR-4i iPhone Handy Recorder : Review

AR-4i iPhone

An audio interface for iPhone4

Fostex has announced that will release in summer 2011 the AR-4i, an audio interface for iPhone4. The Apple smartphone is an incredible success, like all the Apple products, so it's not a surprise if a company like Fostex realizes a product that works with the most famous smartphone in the market.
It will be released, like we have said, in summer 2011, so there aren't many information about it but only few technical specifications. Let's see them.


3 mic inputs and 2 built-in microphones

It features 3 microphone inputs with high quality A/D converters and provides a dedicated app that can be used to adjust the input level and the equalization. In addition it features two built-in cardioid microphones.

Onboard controls and monitoring

It features a physical microphone gain control and an headphone input that can be used for the recording monitoring.

Power supply

It works with 2 x AAA batteries or via USB. With the two batteries it guarantees 10 hours operation.

At the moment there aren't other information about this product but when it will be released the AR-4i will be a very interesting solution to improve, with its high quality audio interface, the video recording capability of the iPhone4.

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