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Boss Micro BR Handy Recorder : Review

Micro BR

Small, but really complete

The four tracks provide, each one, 8 virtual channels, and can be used simultaneously for playback or two at a time for recording.

The drum machine

300 included patterns. It can be so a perfect portable instrument to study or to jam. An important feature of the drum machine is that it doesn't consume any of the playback tracks, but it works indipendently. Another interesting feature is the Arrange function. The user can combine different patterns so to create a complete rhythm base.

The multi-effects

Two processors. The first provides a large number of classic effects for the guitar or the voice, while the second one is for various reverbs. They can be used simultaneously. Each effect provides some basic parameters so the user can adjust them rather in deep. Effects can be applied also during playback. Obviously, it isn't a definitive solution, but it is valid. There are three different patches types.


They can be edited but cannot be saved.


They can be edited and saved.


These patches are saved together with the song data, and can be automatically activated.

The MP3 compatibility

The Micro BR can load and play MP3 files, so it can be used also like an MP3 player. It comes with an included 128MB SD card, but obviously, the user can change the included card with a more capacious up to 1GB.

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