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Boss Micro BR BR-80 Handy Recorder : Review

Micro BR BR-80


An interesting product, clearly for musicians, with some advanced features that are rare in a so compact device. 8 virtual channels for each physical track, for a total of 64! 8 for the simultaneous playback. It stores data in an SD or SDHC card, so up to 32GB, and features a stereo condenser microphone, but also an input for an additional mic. In addition, a built-in rhythm guide with several ready-to-use patterns, a speaker emulator with COSM amps and a multieffects. This Boss miracle can be connected to the PC via USB. And it's not all! It is bundled with SONAR X1 LE, a good software.

3 options


This is the multitrack mode.

Data type

Linear (Bit Depth: 16 bits)

Rec time

3 - 100 hours (1 - 32 GB)


A function that lets you play along with your favourite songs. The BR-80 is bundled with a software: eBand Song List Editor. It can import, via USB, MP3 or WAV audio files from the PC and thanks to the Center Cancel function can minimize vocals and solos, so that the user can play along its favourite songs.

Data type

eBand Songs; WAV (16 bits) and MP3 (64 - 320 kbps) (Playback only).

Rec time (hours/GB)

eBand Song: 4/1, 130/32; WAV, stereo: 1.5/1, 50/32; MP3 128 kbps, stereo: 16/1, 550/32.

Live Rec

Data type

WAV (16 bits); MP3 (64 kbps - 320 kbps)

Rec time (hours/GB)

WAV, stereo: 1.5/1, 50/32; MP3 128 kbps, stereo: 16/1, 550/32.

Power supply

The Micro BR BR-80 can be powered with an optional AC adaptor, with two batteries, also rechargeable, or via USB Bus. The expected battery life is approximately 6 hours.

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